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Mustangs and Mentorship Programs 

Mission: Discover the real you from within. 

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Trainer: Dennis Cappel

A lifetime student of livestock is your trainer/farrier/coach joined by successful men in their own field of work. 

Learn life lessons with the cowboys as you connect with mustangs through activities to meet you where you are at and empower you to your highest potential. Connect with livestock through groundwork, roping, riding and farrier services that the task at hand will encourage you to believe in yourself!


In every young man's life, there has been the adventure of cowboys and Indians. Riding fast horses to freedom and being the hero! 


Be the hero in your own life as you gain understanding and knowledge that will position you to succeed! Experience how a shift in your thoughts and body position produces big results in the horses understanding and attitude and then feel how it impacts your perception of yourself.


Enjoy these safe non-judgmental surroundings as you create and rediscover yourself. 


Learn through True horsemanship. It will teach focus as you develop a Clear Mental Picture of what you want first. Being present in the moment, as every step matters. Courage to make mistakes without an emotional reaction so you can respond with ease. Realizing change is doable and encouraging that you are getting somewhere, never stuck. How to position yourself to be in a spot of influence for the best outcome. Trusting the process and learning to find each step as it empowers you closer to who you really are and that be an authentic, unique lovable person with limitless opportunities when you believe in yourself!


Accomplished trainer Dennis Cappel and other men will come alongside you as guides along a trail worth taking.


Contact us for personalization for an individual or group.

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