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Where it began! 

Dennis was given a coaching program on his birthday in January 2017. You see, Dennis, a horse trainer, had made the decision to let the past determine his future. In 2016 he had earned the Extreme Mustang Makeover Reserve champion at Sedalia, MO on a mustang named Rainbow, who Dennis said, I know when I swing a leg over she will either decide to let me ride her or put me in the dirt. Just a year before that in 2015 he was Champion on a mustang named Spirit at the Extreme Mustang Makeover in St. Louis. Now he said he was done with mustangs and that it was a young man's game!  


With the assistance of his personal development coach; William Todd, author of the Mentor in Me, Dennis made a new choice, not to live by his past experience. So he entered the 2017 Players Choice, Extreme Mustang Makeover, aesthetically making the top 10 finalists in Fort Worth, TX.  It wasn't easy but we all got to witness it. 


Read this 100-day journey told through the eyes of Mustang Brilliant attitude of decision, focus, awareness, and courage to see life as you want it to be, not as it is. 


Mustang Brilliant Attitude ( BA) was named after the Brilliant Attitude Manifesto and to this day resides at Cappel Shoeing & Training, along with his brother CC's Serenity who is still wild. 


Mustang BA came home with the Cappel's to be a mascot for Brilliant Attitude Kids camps, self-help programs, schools, and baseball teams. Everyone loves Mustang BA and what he stands for through his beauty, confidence, courage, and attitude. This has all been made possible with the assistance and support who have believed in Brilliant Attitude awareness!


Revisiting Hope Givers Working Ranch established in 2008 ( now Brilliant Attitude Ranch)  is going back to pick up those roots to serve another need. That is a mentorship program for young men, men, and veterans using mustangs and livestock to rediscover their belief in themselves for a bright future and to add value to families and their community. 


Hope is Alive, 

Brilliant Attitude Ranch

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